Crowdfunding Playbook About Us

About Crowdfunding Playbook

An ever expanding curated directory of crowdfunding tools and resources.

This Playbook is here to assist:


crowdfunding star  project creators run successful campaigns

crowdfunding star  backers to invest in successful campaigns

crowdfunding star  anybody who wants to know if crowdfunding is right for them


These resources are designed to help:


crowdfunding star  project teams reach or exceed their crowdfunding target

crowdfunding star  speedup the planning and execution of a crowdfunding campaign

crowdfunding star  refine an overall crowdfunding strategy for both pre and post campaign


The Crowdfunding Playbook consists of:


crowdfunding star  A growing directory of over 200 tools and resources

crowdfunding star  Crowdfunding Playbook App

crowdfunding star  Crowdfunding Focus Magazine App

crowdfunding star  Webinars (free) to find out more about crowdfunding

crowdfunding star  Full or half day offline workshops

crowdfunding star  6 week online  “Launch Lab” strategy workshop

crowdfunding star  Quick Start Video Guide

crowdfunding star  Facebook group

crowdfunding star  Newsletter

crowdfunding star  Podcast on various aspects of crowdfunding


Why this crowdfunding directory has been created:


For the last 4 years I have given over 50 crowdfunding workshops and talks across the UK, both offline and online.

This Playbook has been put together as a result of helping hundreds of project creators in their quest to unlock funds via crowdfunding.

This website showcases some of the best tools successful project creators have used to run and manage their campaigns.

More and more tools are being discovered and over time I will add these to the directory.


Anthony Lovell de Souza

Anthony Lovell de Souza

Crowdfunding | Strategist | Educator | Speaker