Crowdfunding Conferences and Summits



Global Investor Summit

Global Investor Summit

Being promoted as the “biggest equity crowdfunding event in the world. The goal of this annual summit is for the crowd to discover actionable investing ideas, hear from global industry leaders on how they’re driving their businesses and swap ideas with some of the world’s leading entrepreneurs. Taking place in Jerusalem, Israel.





Crowdfest is an opportunity to learn how crowdfunding can play a key role in your business strategy. Crowdfest is a multi-streamed event with ten specialist tracks with popular keynotes and interactive sessions that takes place over two days in London, UK.



Canadian Crowdfunding Summit

Canadian Crowdfunding Summit

Every year around March, the National Crowdfunding Association of Canada hold their annual Crowdfunding Summit in Toronto. Decision-makers from coast-to-coast and around the globe in Canada’s fast growing and lucrative crowdfunding industry come together to share their expertise.



Global Crowdfunding Convention

Global Crowdfunding Convention

The world’s largest gathering of crowdfunding industry experts, entrepreneurs, and investors from across the globe. Normally takes place in October of each year and now into it’s fifth year (2016) at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, USA.



European Crowdfunding Convention

European Crowdfunding Network Convention

Towards the end of each year the European Crowdfunding Network holds an annual crowdfunding convention. ECN CROWDCON offers a unique opportunity to meet high-level stakeholders from the crowdfunding ecosystem: platforms, banks, policymakers, professional investors and many others.



Crowd Invest Summit for crowdfunders

Crowd Invest Summit

Crowd Invest Summit is a two-day crowdfunding conference and expo with a mission to educate and bring together retail investors with startups, companies, and real estate investment opportunities. Takes place both on the East and West coasts of the USA.



Silicon Valley Crowdfunding Conference

Silicon Valley Crowdfunding Conference

This annual Silicon Valley Crowdfunding conference brings together the investment community and a new generation of social entrepreneurs – crowdfunders. This event offers opportunities to network and promote your business.



Crowdfunding USA Conference

Crowdfunding USA

An annual crowdfunding conference that takes place at the National Press Club in Washington DC, USA, during the second quarter of every year.



Crowdfunding Asia Association

Crowdfunding Asia

Crowdfunding Asia promotes an understanding of crowdfunding throughout Asia by organising summits in Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Indonesia and the Philippines.



Crowdfunding Institute of Australia

Crowdfunding Australia

CFIA organises conferences and meet-ups across the country for industry peers to discuss the latest crowdfunding updates with local and global experts, to learn what’s next for Crowdfunding in Australia.



Crowdfunding conference FundIt


FundIt is a conference dedicated to crowdfunding compliance, marketing and technology. The 2016 event took place in Las Vegas, USA, over two days with 59 speakers. This conference is a deep dive into the new rules – how to stay in compliance and succeed in the technology-driven securities business.



VanFUNDING Conference


VanFUNDING takes place in Vancouver, Canada in the third quarter of each year. It is about igniting crowdfunding and venture funding opportunities in Western Canada together with industry and ecosystem partners to share the newest developments and thought leadership, and assist and connect entrepreneurs that are actively raising capital.



The Crowdfunding Conference

The Crowdfunding Conference

In the words of Steven Dresner, Founder of DealFlow Events “The Crowdfunding Conference is the place where important players will convene for two days of education and networking. It’s where you’ll meet with thought leaders in this rapidly expanding industry and discuss opportunities with companies raising capital.”  The venue is New York and it takes place in the last quarter of every year.


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