Crowdfunding rating agencies assess crowdfunding deals.



Crowdability Crowdfunding Rating Agency


Crowdability provides individual investors with education, information and insight into opportunities in the crowdfunding market. Their software CrowdabilityIQ provides ratings and rankings on hundreds of private equity investment opportunities from all across the web. Based in New York.



All St Crowdfunding Rating Agency

All Street

All Street offers reports into various equity crowdfunding deals. As a potential investor their analysis will save you time while providing investment insights supported by different industry experts and analysts. Their deals page allows you to navigate the UK crowdfunding market and review live deals. Based in London.



Crowd Rating crowdfunding rating agency

Crowd Rating

Crowd Rating use an objective checklist-driven analytical process that rates all new campaigns on leading equity crowdfunding platforms across key investment criteria. They measure each company against the same set of over 80 metrics to produce their scores. Based in the UK.





Due diligence, disclosure and compliance for online capital formation. CrowdCheck do basic “due diligence” that a reasonable person would do when investing small amounts of their own funds. This helps the entrepreneurs seeking funding as they can show they mean business and comply with regulation. Based in New York.


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