Donation based Crowdfunding Platforms





GoFundMe is a crowdfunding platform that allows people to raise money for events ranging from life events, such as celebrations and graduations, to challenging circumstances like accidents and illnesses. The company has a global reach and is based in San Diego, California, USA.





JustGiving is a global online social crowdfunding platform for giving. They operate with offices in a number of countries. The firm’s headquarters are located in Bankside, London, UK.



Generosity Crowdfunding


Generosity by Indiegogo is a service that people can use to raise money for emergencies, medical expenses, celebrations, or other life events. Generosity does not charge a platform fee, so fundraisers keep more of the money they raise. Based in the USA.



Global Giving

Global Giving

GlobalGiving is a non-profit organisation that provides a global crowdfunding platform for grassroots charitable projects. They have supported more than 14,000 projects in 165 countries. Based in the USA.



Tilt Crowdfunding


Tilt (formerly Crowdtilt) is a crowdfunding company that allows for groups and communities to collect, fundraise, or pool money online. The company is legally certified in securing fundraisers for non-profit organizations. Great mobile app. Based in the USA.



Chuffed Crowdfunding


Chuffed only crowdfunds non-profit and social enterprise projects. They offer zero-fees on all your campaigns. That means no setup fees, no platform fees nor ongoing subscription fees. Based in Australia.


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